High performance waterborne floor paint

Features :
Strong adhesion, high hardness and good abrasive resistance;
Dilute with clear water. no any organic solvent;
No benzene, formaldehyde and other carcinogens;
Resistance to oil, acid and alkali.


Taking imported curing agents, resins, auxiliaries and so on as ingredients, Chenyang high performance waterborne floor paint series products are refined by adopting special techniques.Taking water as diluents, this product series are all non-combustible and non-explosive, belonging to environmental friendly, healthy, low-carbon and safe products.

Product series

Order Serial Number Name
  1 CY-SH-2201(A/B) High performance waterborne floor primer
  2 CY-SH-6201(A/B) High performance waterborne floor floating coat
  3 CY-SH-9201(A/B) High performance waterborne floor floating coat
  4 CY-SH-9205(A/B) High performance waterborne floor finishing varnish

Scope of application

Residential floors, high-rise work areas, basement floors and walls, offices with high requirements on environmental protection, home floor for decoration. Food factories, industrial premises, warehouses, electronics factories and other places are required to be dust-free, clean, wear-resistant and high decorative.


Base materials treatment: Remove loose ash, sand, oil, moisture and other attachments from the base surface before application

Application order: primer + floating coat + finishing coat + finishing varnish.



1、A/B components must be correctly mixed according to the prescribed proportion. The stirring time is about 3-5 minutes before they are evenly mixed. Then add proper amount of clean water according to the application viscosity. Add clean water while stirring to ensure that the paint liquid is even.

2、After mixing, the paint needs to be aged for not less than 5 minutes.

3、Use it up as far as possible within the specified time(1 hour), so it should be used discretionarily according to the situation to avoid waste by mixing too much at one time. Paints after gelatinizition can not be used.

4、After the coating of every application procedure is completely dried(depending on the temperature of the site), the next application procedure can be started.

5、Maintain a good ventilated environment during application.No application when the ambient temperature is below 10 ℃ and humidity is greater than 80%.

6、To prevent deterioration, it is strictly forbidden to mix with other paints and organic solvents.


Tool cleaning: clean tools with clean water immediately after use.



Hazard note: It may cause eye irritation or skin allergy
Precautions: Avoid inhalation of dusts, smokes, gases, smogs, steam and spray. Wear protective equipment while applying paints. Clean hands and other contact areas after operation. Do not discharge  into the environment. 
Accident response:If skin or hair is contacted, rinse with plenty of soapy water and clear water. If eyes are contacted, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek for medical help. If skin irritation or rash occurs, please consult a doctor in time.

Safe storage

Avoid direct sunlight. Store in well-ventilated places and keep containers tightly sealed. Store in isolation from strong acids, alkalis, oxidants, food and animal feed. 


Waste disposal 

Disposal of paint waste should comply with national and local regulations on disposal (refer to Product Safety Technical Instructions before use). 


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