Rub Color Treasure

Features :
Easy to apply. No floating.
Full and bright color.
Highlight the beauty of wood grain.
Increase the added value of wood


Taking imported high-quality auxiliaries and dyes and adopting high concentration formula, Chenyang waterborne Rub Color Treasure features weak permeability and has no lifting. It can be used up for a long time after opening, belonging to the slow-drying product. It has uniform, fresh, bright and full color, suitable for any kind of boards. This product can highlight the beauty of wood grain and form clear texture with bright color, giving people different three-dimensional feelings and increasing the added value of woods, suitable for water-based wood paint coloring.


Easy to apply. Slow drying formula. Apply any time within 30 minutes to 24 hours. No color difference.
It can be used on primer or topcoat. For wood paint primer, it can be sprayed or brushed. The last coating doesn`t have to be sprayed. the primer can be polished before coloring.
No sagging.No leakage at oil. No floating. No flooding. Easy to use.
Simple color matching. Rich color varieties. Every kind of color can be made according to customer requests.
The refurbishment of old furniture is particularly simple. Just wipe the old furniture with a wet towel. Then apply Chenyang waterborne Rub Color Treasure on the old furniture directly. Wipe off after 30 minutes. 
Full and bright color. Strong three-dimensional feeling. Excellent application performance. Easy application.
Create a new trend of fully functional DIY coloring in the industry to truly realize self-coloring without the help of professionals.
Brush area: 15 square meters per kilogram.

Application Method

Apply directly on the second primer, or on the first topcoat.
Spraying, roller spreading or brushing. Apply directly on the dry film.
After 30 minutes, wipe off with a clean wet towel or cotton cloth.
If you feel that the surface color is not uniform, you can make the second application on unsatisfactory areas.
Grey cloth puttying→polish and apply seal primer→spray Primer for one time→polish→spray primer for one time→apply Rub Color Treasure. ,After 30 minutes to 24 hours for drying, wipe off with wet cotton cloth→ spraying transparent topcoat after 2 hours.

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