Waterborne paint- GELISI

Features :
1、 Construction tolerance is perfect,construction time limit is long, and it is easy to wipe coating.
2、 The product does not contain heavy metal,and the smell is light.
3、 It is easy to construct and it can be colored with cotton cloth easily .
4、The comprehensive performance of the product is excellent. The color is bright and uniform, which has the good- coloring power.It is high-end and lofty.
5、Coating rate: about 15 square meters per kilogram.
6、The drying time is short : After drying at room temperature for 1 hour, then seal the primer.


Chenyang waterborne paint “Gelisi” is a kind of pure waterborne paint and environmental protection , using for material coloring. After coating on the sheet which needs coloring, Achieving the effect of deepening the wood grain and strengthening the three-dimensional feeling according to the different absorption of wood grain and stem of board, it is clear and natural.


construction technology

1、The surface of wood should be clean, if there is white latex, oil stains should be clean before the construction. 
2、the white body is rubbed off by the surface burr with 240-400 object sandpaper, then the putty is used to smooth the nail hole, after drying and then colored directly on the white body. 
3、Wipe with clean cloth spirally, and rub Gelisi into the wooden fiber duct, then rub it down the wood grain. Please be sure to absorb the surface clean, do not leave excess Gelisi,Otherwise, the color will not be uniform after drying. 
4、If you feel that the surface color is dark, adding some water to dilute and wipe the surface. Or take a clean wet cloth to wipe the surface. If you feel that the color is light or uneven, you can make up for it. 
5、If large area were in construction, you can add water (0-10%), then sprinkle some Gelilsi on the sheet, and spread it out and wipe it with a large piece of cloth. 
6、In general,there is no need to polish after finishing, please do next construction after drying .

matters needing attention  

1、Try toning at the corner , after the color is qualified to carry out large area construction. 
2、Because the penetration ability of putty and substrate is different, the variety of putty is various, so the position of mending nail hole must be tested in small range before large area construction, and only when the color is uniform can the large area construction be carried out. 
3、The waterborne paint Gelisi in Chenyang is equipped with special color essence,so it can not use the color of other brands for toning, if the waterborne paint Gelisi is used for the use of other brands of paint, a small range test is carried out in advance. 

product line

The Line of
Slowly-drying Gelisi boiled oil(CYWGL-3000)
Waterborne paint Gelisi(CYWGL-1001)red
Waterborne paint Gelisi(CYWGL-1002)yellow
Waterborne paint Gelisi(CYWGL-1003)black
Waterborne paint Gelisi(CYWGL-1004)white
Waterborne paint Gelisi(CYWGL-1005)amber
Waterborne paint Gelisi(CYWGL-1006)reddish brown
Waterborne paint Gelisi(CYWGL-1007)yellowish brown
Waterborne paint Gelisi(CYWGL-1008)blackish brown

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