Waterborne wood paint Mu Ya Xin 2rd generation

Features :
No bad smell. No heavy metal. Safe and environmental friendly. You can live immediately after brushing.
Fast drying, high solid content and simple application.
Good defoaming and excellent leveling
High hardness and strong adhesion.
Good water and heat resistance.


Using imported raw materials and fully considering the characteristics of wood works, waterborne wood paint series products are made by following the scientific waterborne process. Taking water as solvent instead of traditional solvent, this product is non-toxic and doesn`t send off bad smell, so it is a kind of environment-friendly and healthy product. It`s recommended to use together with auxiliary products of waterborne wood paints. The film is full and bright with high hardness, strong adhesion, super wear, scratch and weather resistance, no yellowing and no odor in the application process.

The series products include:

Sealing agent, white primer, white finish, clear primer and clear topcoat

Scope of application :

Home decoration like wooden doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, etc.; public places decoration like hotels, offices, hospitals, schools, shops, etc.; furniture factory painting like kids furniture, toys, wood processing products, etc.

Application requirements:

It`s required to use Chenyang series products, including putty, gloss, color essence and so on.

Paints can be applied only when the water content of woods is below 12%. The product should be applied under the ambient temperature of 5-35 ℃ and relative humidity less than 80%. Don`t paint under low temperature and high humidity. The optimum application conditions are: temperature 20-30 ℃ and humidity 50-70%

Before use, stir evenly and strictly follow the water adding ratio. The specific data is shown in product description.

During applying, don`t mix with other paints and organic solvents to prevent deterioration or decrease of closure.

The spraying gun used to spray oil paints before must be cleaned or directly use a new spraying gun, or there will be craters.

Clean tap water can be used. Dirty, too bitter or too salty (calcium magnesium content is too high) water is not suitable for use.

After drying for 7 days under room temperature, it can be wiped with wet towels.

Theoretical paint consumption:white paint:6-8㎡/L/single time,
varnish:8-12㎡/L/single time. Due to difference on actual applying surface roughness and dilution ratio, the amount of paint consumption is different.

Hazard statement: It may cause eye irritation or skin allergy.
Precautions: Avoid inhalation of dusts, smokes, gases, smogs, steam and spray. Wear protective equipment while applying paints.
Accident Response: If skin or hair is contacted, rinse with plenty of soapy water and clear water. If eyes are contacted, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek for medical help. If skin irritation or rash occurs, please consult a doctor in time
Safe Storage: Avoid direct sunlight. Store in well-ventilated places with the temperature of 5℃ to 35℃.Keep containers tightly sealed.
Waste Disposal: The disposal of paint waste shall comply with the national and local laws and regulations on disposal.

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