Texture paint

Features :
· The bond strength is high, the strength and toughness are prominent, the actual effect is anti-crack.
· Strong sense of three-dimensional and rich colors .
· Water-resistant, alkali-resistant, waterproof and breathable, suitable for cement base material, strong durability.
· Anti-contamination, prevent flange, strong stability, especially suitable for imitating brick process.
· Easy operation, stable stubble, no color deviation .Waterborne products .


Chenyang texture paint is specially designed for texture engineering and is based on pure acrylic flexible polymer emulsion. A sandstone coating system with round fine quartz sand as bone pigment. The system highlights the applicability and durability of construction, and is especially suitable for simulating imitation coating of split brick, ceramic plate, ceramic brick and wall brick.


Brick imitation technology: base course treatment and leveling a permeable primer (recommended) an external wall alkali-resistant coolored primer or outer wall black primer roll coated with a stretch line mesh (adhesive tape or mould). A texture paint batch scraping a tape one dry after coating cover finish lacquer. Construction method: open barrel mixing evenly after batch scraping; Rub and apply to the whole evenly after scraping; Can also be used for sandblasting. Construction tools; Batch knife (spatula, spray gun); Theoretical dosage: 0.35-0.6 m / kg (according to the actual effect of sandstone thickness and thickness). Construction conditions 1. Dry, solid, clear, smooth, roughness condition qualified; 2. the temperature of the environment and the base plane is between 5-35c, the humidity is lower than 85, and the weather condition is good and sustainable; 3, the system material is complete, painting and safety auxiliary facilities are complete. 


dilution ratio

Strictly prohibit adding water.


surface preparation

Remove the dust, grease, algae and other adhesives from the painted surface, keep the surface clean, dry and firm, and the moisture content of the wall surface is less than 10%. PH value is less than 10. The old wall is removed with a knife and sanded with sandpaper. 



Base repair and leveling selection of high water strength putty products; When it is necessary to adjust viscosity, use clear water and stir well; Strict implementation of construction specifications, beyond the scope of construction conditions should not be forced construction; Attention should be paid to environmental protection in coating application to avoid contamination and pollution. Cleaning tools and utensils in time to avoid consolidation waste and mixing fixed products into normal products. Store in 5-35c dry storeroom. The storage period is 12 months. 


safety information

Hazard Note: eye irritation may cause allergic skin reactions. Precautions: avoid inhalation of dust, smoke, gas, smoke, steam, spray. Wear protective gear in use. Clean hands and other contact areas after operation. Do not drain into the environment. Accident response: if skin (hair, wash with plenty of soapy water and water. If contaminated eyes, please rinse with plenty of water immediately. And seek medical assistance. If skin irritation or skin rash, please consult a doctor in time. Safe storage: avoid direct sunlight, store in a well-ventilated place, keep containers tightly sealed. With strong acid, strong alkali. Strong oxidant. Segregated storage of food and animal feed-waste disposal: disposal of paint waste in accordance with national and local regulations for disposal. (please refer to the Product Safety Technical Specification before use). Standard of implementation:JG/T24-2000 GB24408-2009.