Elastic exterior wall paint

Features :
· Good elasticity and crack resistance of paint film .
· Introduction of UV Aging Factor, excellent weathering performance .
· Excellent waterproof performance .
· Anti-mildew and anti-algae .
· Acid. base resistance.


Chenyang elastic exterior wall water paint is made of imported 100% acrylic acid self-crosslinking elastic emulsion and high-quality additives, supplemented by advanced production process. The film has strong anti-aging property, good weathering resistance, strong adhesion and good elasticity. Acid-alkali resistance and other characteristics, widely used in external thermal insulation of the external wall or coating system.


Construction tools: paint brush, roller, spray gun; Recommended use of wool brush, short hair roller. High pressure airless spray gun. Theoretical paint consumption: 10 ~ (-12) m / kg / kg / a (dry film thickness is about 30 μ m). The roughness and dilution ratio of the actual construction surface are different. The quantity of lacquer consumption is different. The effect of matching high-efficiency alkali-resistant primer is better. 


dilution ratio

Before use should stir even, in order to achieve the best brushing effect, roll coating, brush can be added not more than 20% of water dilution (according to the feel of the construction as appropriate add or subtract. If using airless spraying. Add no more than 10% water to dilute. 


surface preparation

Remove the dust, grease, algae and other adhesives from the painted surface, keep the surface clean, dry and firm, and the moisture content of the wall surface is less than 10%. Ph value is less than 10. The old wall is removed with a knife and sanded with sandpaper. 



Construction condition: 5 ~ 35 ℃, humidity < 85 ℃; Summer construction to prevent drying too fast, winter construction is prohibited baking, dust weather construction closed windows. Recoating: at intervals of not less than 2 hours. Storage and validity: sealed in 5-35 ℃ in a cool and dry environment for 18 months. 


safety information

Hazard statement : Causes eye irritation and may cause allergic reactions to the skin . Precautions : Avoid inhalation of dust , flue gas , gas , smoke , steam , spray . Wear protective equipment during use , clean hands after operation and other contact areas . Do not discharge into the environment . Accident response : If stained with skin ( hair ) , rinse with plenty of soap water and clean water . If contaminated with eyes , rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical assistance . If irritation or rash occurs on the skin , please see the doctor in time . Safe storage : Avoid direct sunlight , store in a well - ventilated area , keep the container tightly sealed . Store it in isolation from strong acid , strong base , strong oxidizer , food and animal feed . Disposal : disposal of coating waste shall be in accordance with national and local regulations for disposal . ( Refer to the product safety technical specification before use ) . Implementation standard : JG / T172 - 2014 , GB24408 - 2009.