Highlight overlay paint

Features :
· High gloss, good light preservation, not yellowish.
· It has the lotus leaf effect, resists the stain.
· Good water resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance .
· The film is smooth and smooth, and the surface effect is good.


Chenyang high light overlay paint is made of imported emulsion and auxiliary agent with good durability. It is used for surface treatment of inner and outer wall latex paint after construction. The coating treated by mask finish has high gloss, water resistance and anti-fouling. Anti-mold and other characteristics, and the coating aging resistance, decorative strong, film smooth, is an excellent metope treatment material.


After the putty is completely dry, use the roller to evenly paint the antiseptic primer again, and do not leak the paint. Make the appropriate shape according to the size with masking paper. After the primer is dry, the construction of colorful special paint, requiring uniform construction, no exposed bottom phenomenon. To be colorful special paint dry, spray colorful art paint, spray twice, each interval of about 12h, spray evenly, evenly distributed color points. Immediately after spraying, remove the textured paper to avoid the film drying effect. Colorful art paint dry, spray colorful special cover paint, can not leak spray. The same batch of products as far as possible to ensure the construction of the same wall, such as the entire wall can not guarantee the same batch of products, as far as possible to keep the stubble in the windows along the edge, stranding lines or corners, lap at the horizontal or vertical direction as far as possible to keep parallel , To prevent the next batch of products caused by significant color difference.


dilution ratio

Colorful art waterborne paint and its ancillary products is prohibited to add water


surface preparation

Construction substrate surface should be smooth, clean, and have better strength, the new wall needs to be maintained for more than 14 days in summer and maintenance for more than 20 days in winter, before construction, the old wall should be renovated, the base should be leveled first. Remove loose, spalling surface and dust dirt and other impurities before construction. If there are obvious irregularities in the substrate, use the outside wall putty leveling. The construction of the wall PH value should be less than 10. 



After the top paint is dry, carry on the construction of the high gloss overlay paint, the brush must be uniform, do not allow to appear the leakage coating and the flow drop; Shall not be mixed with other paints; This product must be in 5-35 public scope of construction; This product should be sealed and stored in 5-35 c cool and dry place for 12 months. 


safety information

Hazard Note: eye irritation may cause allergic skin reactions. Precautions: avoid inhalation of dust, smoke, gas, smoke, steam, spray. Wear protective gear in use. Clean hands and other contact areas after operation. Do not drain into the environment. Accident response: if skin (hair, wash with plenty of soapy water and water. If contaminated eyes, please rinse with plenty of water immediately. And seek medical assistance. If skin irritation or skin rash, please consult a doctor in time. Safe storage: avoid direct sunlight, store in a well-ventilated place, keep containers tightly sealed. With strong acid, strong alkali. Strong oxidant. Segregated storage of food and animal feed-waste disposal: disposal of paint waste in accordance with national and local regulations for disposal. (please refer to the Product Safety Technical Specification before use). Standard of implementation:JG/T24-2000 GB24408-2009.