Liangcaixin Five-in-one waterborne paint

Features :
Double mildew resistance and lasting strong antimicrobial effect;
Good leveling and easy application;
Good anti-alkali function;
Superstrong scrubbing resistance and higher covering power;
Adjustable color.


Chenyang Liangcaixin Five-in-one waterborne interior wall paint is the new generation of high-grade waterborne wall paint which perfectly combines new odor removing technology and film functions. Adopting innovative emulsion technology of odor removing, the film has unique practical functions such as smooth hand feel, superstrong alkali resistance and double mildew prevention. This product is the ideal choice for painting and renovating walls of home and commercial places.


Application methods : roll spreading, brushing or spraying. 

Theoretica  :  paint consumption | 10-12 ㎡ / ㎏ / single time(take 30um dry film as reference). Due to difference of actual applying surface roughness and the dilution ratio, the paint consumption varies.

Dilution : Stir evenly before use. In order to achieve the best painting effect, no more than 20% clean water can be added for dilution when roll spreading and brushing (appropriately change the amount according to the hand feel of paints). If airless spraying gun is used, no more than 10% clean water can be added for dilution.

Base materials treatment  :  Remove dusts, greases, mold algae and other adhesion matters on the painted surface. Keep the surface clean, dry and smooth. The surface moisture content of walls is less than 10% and the pH value is less than 10. For old walls, shovels and spades should be used to remove old films that are not strong. Dusts, powders and other impurities on the surface also should be removed. The surface should be polished to be smooth and thoroughly dry.

Application environment  :  In summer, drying too fast should be prevented. In winter, baking should be prohibited. For sand and dust weather, windows should be tightly closed.

recoating time  :  take the 30-micron dry film under 25-30 ℃ asreference: surface drying for 30 minutes; hard drying for 60 minutes; recoating interval for 2 hours.

Hazard note: It may cause eye irritation or skin allergy.
Precautions: Avoid inhalation of dusts, smokes, gases, smogs, steam and spray. Wear protective equipment while applying paints. Clean hands and other contact areas after operation. Do not discharge into the environment.
Accident response:If skin or hair is contacted, rinse with plenty of soapy water and clear water. If eyes are contacted, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek for medical help. If skin irritation or rash occurs, please consult a doctor in time.
Safe storage Avoid direct sunlight. Store in well-ventilated places and keep containers tightly sealed. Store in isolation from strong acids, alkalis, oxidants, food and animal feed. 
Waste disposal 
Disposal of paint waste should comply with national and local regulations on disposal (refer to Product Safety Technical Instructions before use). 


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