Natural Odor (Bamboo Charcoal)

Features :
Adding bamboo charcoal factors, it can absorb methanal in two-way, so it features strengthened absorbing and air cleaning ability.
Odor removing formula
Dirt resistance; easy to wipe; super scrubbing resistance; lasting bright color.
Stronger waterproof and breathable function; super strong mold and alkali resistance
Color adjustment; super covering power
Good applying effect; strong adhesion; superstrong alkali resistance.


Chenyang Natural Odor (Bamboo Charcoal) waterborne interior wall paint is a kind of high-end environmental friendly product which perfectly combines “odor removing” and “methanol decomposition” technologies. Elaborately selecting environmental friendly ingredients of high quality, this product adopts advanced technology to further purify and refine, achieving the goal of odor removing through perfect techniques. In the meantime, it uses negative ion and bamboo charcoal addition technology to absorb harmful gas in the air like methanol. This multi-functional environmental friendly waterborne paint product is especially designed for pregnant women and babies, which can be widely applied in all kinds of places with high environmental protection requirements.


Application methods  :  roll spreading, brushing or spraying. Recommend to use wool brush, short hair roller and high-pressure airless spraying gun.

Dilution  :  Stir evenly before use. In order to achieve the best painting effect, no more than 20% clean water can be added for dilution when roll spreading and brushing (appropriately change the amount according to the hand feel of paints). If airless spraying gun is used, no more than 10% clean water can be added for dilution.

Base materials treatment  :  Remove dusts, greases, mold algae and other adhesion matters on the painted surface. Keep the surface clean, dry and smooth. The surface moisture content of walls is less than 10% and the pH value is less than 10. For old walls, shovels and spades should be used to remove old films that are not strong. Dusts, powders and other impurities on the surface also should be removed. The surface should be polished to be smooth and thoroughly dry.

Application environment  :  In summer, drying too fast should be prevented. In winter, baking should be prohibited. For sand and dust weather, windows should be tightly closed.

recoating time  : t ake the 30-micron dry film under 25-30 ℃ asreference: surface drying for 30 minutes; hard drying for 60 minutes; recoating interval for 2 hours.

Suggested coating :  Apply Ran Cai Jia solid color primer or Natural Odor primer for one time and Natural Odor (bamboo charcoal) waterborne paint for two times.

Tool Cleaning  : After halt or completion of painting, please use clean water to clean all used tools.

Theoretical paint consumption :  12-14 ㎡ / ㎏ / single time. Due to difference of actual applying surface roughness and the dilution ratio, the paint consumption varies.