Process of Setting Up Franchise Shops


1、Customer pre-consultation (+86-400-1591-777) 


Initial contact between the two sides to obtain information of the project and reach a joining intention (by telephone or interview).


2、Qualification examination 


Submit join request, Fill in the“Join Application Form”, and provide relevant information about the franchised city and intended shops. 

Copies of valid documents such as the legal person's ID card. 

Sign a letter of intent. The franchisee shall bear the earlier inspection expenses for the head office (including the round-trip expenses, room and board expenses).


3、Field business survey 


Conduct field surveys on the business circles of franchised city  and intended ,shop,and provide project evaluation reports for reference.

Ddiscuss with franchisee on the appropriateness of franchised shop location.


4、Sign a formal contract 


Sign franchise agreements with franchisees. and Pay all kinds of fees (franchise fees and margin) according to such agreements.

The two parties negotiate on opening issues. The head office makes the General Form of Opening Schedule.


5、Shop decoration and Pro-phase preparation


Headquarter staffs help review the design plan.

While decoration, the Headquarter arranges administrative staffs to recruit and train employees.

The headquarter assists the franchisee to formulate the opening and promotion plan.


6、Decoration acceptance and license processing 


Check decoration works according to drawings.

While decorating, the franchisee Starts to deal with business license and other related procedures.


7、Personnel training


The headquarter arranges trainers to go to franchise stores to train new employees.

Staffs of franchise stores go to the headquarter to receive internship training.


8、Pre-opening preparation


The related equipment is in place and the technical equipment is carefully debugged. 

All staffs are in place and the first batch of materials is ordered from the headquarter.


9、Official opening

The franchisee submits business license and related approvals needed for business opening to the headquarter.

The administrative staffs of the headquarter handle relevant information and offer guidance and, management to franchise stores. 

After Cutting ribbon at opening ceremony, The franchise store is officially opened.